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Modern Office conference room design ideas for workspace

Conference room is an extremely crucial element for every office. For every business to grow regular meetings need to be conducted for proper communication and periodic feedback. Let's introduce you with the different ideas for designing a conference room

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Meetings are an inescapable part of any business.

It is true, isn’t it?

It does not matter where you work, you need to brainstorm for growth and prosperity. A conference room enables the employees and business leaders to communicate, collaborate, and establish an agenda. 

Thus, it is an environment where great ideas take place. Setting a particular Office design for the conference room can set the right tone for meetings and will enhance the overall productive atmosphere whether casual or formal. 

The only problem is - there are numerous ideas for office conference room design. 

Which one you must go for? What is the right design for you? If you choose one, how are you going to make it? 

With the best office conference room decor, you can relay inspiration and productivity into the meetings. They will also set apart and establish your company’s culture.  

Why is Office conference room design important?

Exploring Office conference room design ideas is vital for your company's productivity and culture. It is not just about the colours you use but the design that will help in improving the focus, communication and collaboration. 

Also, the employees are more engaged in meetings and through audio-visual technology. The main aim of the conference room design must be to design a comfortable environment that provides a productive and interactive session for the employees.  

Things to consider when designing Office conference room decor

There are a few considerations that you need to make before you design a conference room. Let us see what are those.

The space

The first thing that you need to evaluate is whether the space is big enough to accommodate the meeting or if you need to spend more on spacing.

It is best to choose the best layout that creates a more functional office conference room decor. 

Building materials

The material that you use for your Conference room wall design is very vital. You can try and knock down the wall to enhance the space or you can use glass walls for increased light exposure. 


Make sure that your conference rooms are accessible to everyone. You must ensure that you leave enough room for individuals in wheelchairs to enter the place easily. The ancestry and exit must be easily accessible to everyone in the office.  

Modern conference room design ideas

Conference room design trends keep on changing for specific outcomes. Let us juggle through some of the common conference room types. 

A more smarter and flexible meeting room

Well, the meetings are getting smaller and more frequent for many businesses. Top leaders and employees are more intro small and collaborative meetings. 

Although at first, the pandemic came and there were no in-person meetings. But as employees started coming back to the office, the in-person meetings were coming back again. 

Well, it is the perfect time if your business has not adapted to it yet. This, way you can make the most of productive meetings and prosper in your business. 

LED video walls 

LED video walls used to be super expensive, but now they're more affordable. They might be a bit much for small meeting rooms, but they're perfect for those wow-factor spaces where you meet with important clients or partners. 

They give you unbeatable video quality and can make your presentations pop with vibrant colours. Plus, you can get a bigger display with them compared to regular projectors.

Spaces with video conference capability 

Even though we're slowly getting back to the office, video conferencing is here to stay. With some folks working remotely or travelling less, we'll still need to hop on video calls with clients and colleagues. 

So, it's important to have videoconferencing set up in all our meeting areas, whether it's a big boardroom or a cosy nook.

Intelligent Acoustic Design

Remember those old conference rooms with terrible acoustics? Yeah, we don't want that anymore. Nowadays, our spaces need to sound as good as they look, especially with all the tech we use for presentations and video calls. 

That's why it's smart to design rooms with good acoustics in mind from the get-go. But even if we can't do that, we can still jazz up the place with acoustic panels and other tricks to make sure everyone can hear clearly.

Themed and inviting conference rooms

Who says conference rooms have to be dull? Let's spice things up! We can give each room its vibe, whether it's with cool colours, funky decor, false ceiling design or themes related to our business. 

The goal is to make these spaces feel welcoming and comfortable, so people feel inspired to share their best ideas. So, no more plain white walls and stiff chairs and inject some personality into your meeting spaces. 

Breakout space-styled conference rooms

The breakout rooms are made in a way to encourages brainstorming sessions and collaborations for a relatively smaller group of employees.

If you wish to create a breakout conference room, then you need to look for a Small office conference room design that consists of a conference table and comfortable seating for taking part in flexible meetings. 

Collaborative workplace style

Working in collaborative spaces is kind of like a multifunctional setting of collaborating and meeting. The space can also be deemed as a meeting room and will also fulfil the employee's daily work environment. 

Equipping this space with workstations, round tables, and sofa areas will make sure that your employees have all the necessary tools for focusing, collaborating, and hosting meetings. 

Technology to be implemented Modern Conference Rooms

Technology plays an important role in enabling productivity. Read some of the recommendations for having productive meetings in the conference room. 

Video conferencing tools

If you want to improve productivity, then you must use video conferencing tools such as cameras and LED video walls.

Interactive whiteboards

By using a pen and a projection system, you can make your meetings more visually engaging and make the sessions more interactive. 

VR tools

You can also incorporate VR tools, that allow everyone in the meeting to review the product firsthand. 

Phone call conferencing

You must also implement a speakerphone in the conference room to make a conference call with several people.

Best office conference interior design in India - Daftar Decor 

Well, now that you have understood the importance of Office conference room design, well it is now time for you to start. 

Hire Daftar Decor, who are the best Office Interior designers in India as we have the expertise to improve your existing conference room design.

We begin by strategizing and rethinking the structure and shape of your space and incorporating the latest furniture into your design. 

Our experts will help you build a conference room that is parallel to your working style and the company’s culture. Check us out!

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