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A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Right False Ceiling Design

False ceiling design is an intergral part of office decoration. So let us guide you about the latest false ceiling designs that are trending. Get the perfect false ceiling designs and make your office an extra ordinary workspace.

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A modern office is a blend of aesthetics and productivity. There is a saying - 

“If you love your workspace, you’ll love your work a little more.” - Cynthia Rowley

Nobody can deny the fact that we spend our lifetime at work. Our workspace is like our second home. With that amount of time being spent there, there shall be no room for boring architecture above our heads.


Yes, we are talking about the ceilings. You should make your office space with good furnishings such as a false ceiling design that gives away a contemporary vibe. It enhances the aesthetics and promotes creativity.

It is time to ask your management to install inspiring false ceilings for your workspace. In this blog, we will discover how you can choose the right false ceiling design.  

The False ceilings trend has been in India for quite a while now. These can be defined as the secondary ceilings reducing the ceiling height. It is used for stylish and decorative purposes. They are also called as the dropped or suspended ceilings. 
These ceilings can be made from materials such as PVC, metal, wood, POP, and gypsum. 

How to Select the Right False Ceiling Design for Office Spaces

Office ceiling design

Office false ceiling design is a crucial aspect of a workspace that often gets overlooked. A well-designed false ceiling design enhances the overall workspace aesthetics, lighting, and overall ambience of your office. 

The purpose of the false ceiling design

Before you widen your search into selecting the materials, you need to understand the purpose of the false ceiling. The latest false ceiling design also known as drop or suspended ceilings caters to numerous functions in an office setting. 

False ceilings conceal the wiring, provide aesthetics, improve insulation, and present the office with the opportunity for creative lighting solutions. Identifying your specific needs will help you choose the right ceiling design for your office. 


What material you will be using

It is equally important to select the right materials for the best false ceiling design. This decision involves various considerations such as lighting and functionality. 

You need to select a material that perfectly aligns with the overall design and the colour scheme of the false ceiling decor. It will have a visual impact and also complement the rest of the interior. 

Some materials also enable the application of different shapes and creative patterns. This enhances the overall design and creates a visually appealing ceiling. 

The maintenance of those materials is also an important consideration that you cannot ignore. Some materials require a higher maintenance expense compared to other materials. 

Based on these aspects, you can select the right material for your new false ceiling designs. 

Integration of lighting in false ceilings

The fact that lighting fixtures need to be incorporated into the ceiling structure cannot be overlooked. The illumination is not just functional but also for aesthetical purposes as well. The lighting in the ceiling makes the office look more modern and stylish. 

This is completely different from the concept of open ceilings where the lights are not hanging down but hidden within the ceiling. 

Well, choosing the right materials for a new ceiling design is a crucial step in creating a workplace that aligns with your office goal and also enhances the overall working environment.  

Latest Office False Ceiling Design - Ideas for Workspaces

latest false ceiling design

If you are bored of monotonous ceilings, then we are here to inspire you with classy and unique false ceiling designs for your workspace. Let the office canvas be limitless for your employees - a haven of productivity & creativity. 

Small office false ceiling design

Exposed false ceiling designs are gaining popularity in many companies and taking centre stage. India is also known for its gigantic IT and software development companies. Big or small, you can reflect a futuristic image of your company. 

With stunning false ceilings, you can create a lavish workspace design with different colours and patterns that you can explore. 

Wooden office false ceiling design

Sleek and polished wood always looks good and never goes out of style. Office cabins such as conference rooms need that warmth for successful meetings and personal interactions. The wooden office ceilings come in a variety of shapes and look great in small offices as well. 

The best part about the wood false ceiling design is the lighting and how it makes the room appear comfortable and motivational. 

Futuristic office false ceiling design

Technology is the driving force in most industries, the design represents their vision and the values. A futuristic ceiling is what you need to keep everyone motivated at work. 

A mix of lighting with glossy panels will work wonders in creating a futuristic feel at workplaces. 

PVC false ceiling design

PVC also known as Poly Vinyl Chloride, is a kind of synthetic material that is long-lasting and cost-effective. Compared with other materials such as pricey timber materials, the PVC false ceiling design is more of a cost-effective option. 

The PVC bars provide a rich appearance without any budget constraints. 

Gypsum false ceiling design office

As Co-working spaces are on the rise in India, Gypsum is taking the corporate world by storm. The gypsum boards can be moulded and cut into any shape. Whether you want to make a layered design or gypsum planks with complex carvings, the office false ceilings look unique and superior with this material. 

It adds a dramatic and stunning look to the overall aesthetics of the workspace. 

Get Your Perfect False Ceiling Designs

creative false ceiling design

You have to ensure that you go through this checklist to create a False ceiling design for office


The most important consideration is height as there must be a minimum of 9 feet from the false ceiling to the floor. This will avoid the sense of claustrophobia for one and if one raises a hand, there is still much space between the ceiling and the hand.


It is important to plan wiring in some cases. It will help you determine the shape and design of the false ceiling.


Cove lighting will enhance your ceiling whereas the concealed down light will enhance the the overall aesthetics of the space. If you do not think about lighting before the installation of the false ceiling, then you might have to cut the false ceiling to house the lights. 

Hanging features

You must install a sturdy ceiling slab before creating a false ceiling design in case you want to hand a heavy item such as a swing or something else. It can be a breakout/fun zone for entertainment or can be deployed in a creative workplace. 

Provide insulation

If the false ceiling design is directly under the terrace building, then it is advised to put thermocol sheets as insulation to avoid heat in the space beneath. It will make the air conditioning efficient with minimum energy consumption. 

Wrapping up

All the office ceiling designs highlighted above will provide the Best office decor. Getting the most suitable false ceiling designs is considered to be the most lucrative long-term investment. 

If you are looking to consult with the most experienced workspace decor team, then you should get in touch with the Daftar Decor. We are experts in transforming your office space into an inspiring and functional environment. 

With years of experience in designing modern and innovative offices, we provide exceptional customised solutions that align with your business objectives and brand identity. 

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