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How can the best colour combination for office walls enhance productivity?

Different colour combinations when used in the right manner have the power to enhance productivity. Read our blog below and get to know some of the most powerful colour combinations.

blue and white

Throughout history, there has been a debate on how a colour combination has affected our productivity and mood. Colours affect our daily lives.

When we talk about the office environment, the strategic colour combination for office can help boost employee satisfaction and productivity towards the work. 

A huge amount of research has gone into the impact of colour. It showed that colours have a strong influence over our brain impulses, our well-being and behaviour. 

Colours have the power to provide a fresh atmosphere and encourage a sense of balance and harmony. 

To be frank, the impact of colour scheming will surprise you. In this post, we will talk about why it is the right time to ditch the grey-and-white office environment and fill your walls with colour. 

So, the next time you are thinking of your workplace makeover, you can choose a palette that suits your style and boosts your mood. Using different colours can provide your office with a productive workday. 

The psychology of colours in a workspace

Have you ever walked into a bright room where you feel a burst of energy? This is because bright colours such as yellow are associated with creativity and happiness. 

Also, imagine working in a workspace that provides you with cold dark and white walls. It can feel a bit blank and does not itch out the creativity like a bright colour will. 

Then there is ocean blue which has a soothing effect, reduces stress and enhances your focus. 

Green is the colour of nature and provides a rejuvenating vibe and a breath of fresh air in the corporate world. 

Choosing the perfect palette for your workspace

The best colour combination for office walls is a fun and creative process. It just feels like selecting a perfect outfit for a special occasion. 

With the right colour palette, you can set the right tone and atmosphere. 

Here are some factors that will help you make the best choice.

What is your purpose?

Begin by assessing the nature of your work. Your workspace could be for client meetings, team collaboration, or focused office work. Different purposes set different vibes.

If you want to design an environment that demands focus, then you should choose calming colours. You can also choose lively shades that instigate creativity if you are looking for a collaborative vibe. 

Check the lighting

Natural and artificial lighting affects how your office colours are going to appear. The cabins with a lot of sunlight can handle bold colours. On the other hand, the dim-lit spaces will benefit from the reflective and lighter colour combination to brighten the workspace. 

Brand value

When you choose the colours for your workspace, you may also need to think about your brand’s identity. When you integrate your brand logo colours into your office, it can project your company’s image and make a lasting impression on employees and clients. 

Latest trends

Trends can help you up your game as they can inspire the ones inside your office and your clientele. You can be the talk of the industry. People are going to take you more seriously and this will ultimately enhance the office’s motivation and productivity. 

The colour combination for office that you must try

Let us have a look at different office interior ideas and how they can impact the office environment.

Blue and white

Blue and white

During a survey across 10 countries on 4 continents, it was found that the colour blue is a universal favourite colour. The nature of this colour brings feelings of relaxation and calmness.

Using it with a combination of white provides an atmosphere of cleanliness. It also gives a professional vibe portraying reliability and trust. 

Blue is a versatile colour that can adapted to multiple styles and themes. The shades of blue and white allow you to create a custom colour palette that goes with your office branding and aesthetics. 

Green and brown

Green and brown

Introducing natural elements will provide numerous benefits such as reduced stress and enhanced productivity. 

Green is the colour of nature and has a calming effect that helps employees to relax and feel grounded. When you pair green with a hint of brown, it enhances the natural ambience and promotes comfort and stability. 

Integrating biopic design is the natural way to add a lush green touch. When you add nature to your workplace, it fosters a connection with the outdoors. 

Neutral colours

Neutral colours

For a timeless choice, neutral accents can leverage numerous aesthetics and styles. With the shades of beige and grey, you can add a sense of elegance and culture. 

You can add vibrant elements in the form of furniture and artwork. This adds a visual touch while maintaining a professional environment. 

Pastel colours

A use of Pastel colours

In recent years, pastel colours have gained popularity due to their calming and soothing effect. Using soft shades of blue, green, and pink, you can leverage a calm atmosphere. 

The pastel colours are very effective in a workspace where noise levels pose a challenge. When combined with a neutral accent, it gives you a refined and contemporary look. 

The use of pastel colours promotes a peaceful atmosphere and productivity. 

Different shades of colour

Different shades of colour

It is important when you are considering different shades of colours, it compliments the overall design of the workspace. Bold and bright colours will help drive productivity and creativity. 

These unique and colourful design adds versatility and personality to your workspace interior. These designs are also beneficial in carving out a breakout space meant for relaxation and collaboration. 


When you incorporate the best colour combination for office walls, it can have a positive impact on the productivity of the employees and the overall success of the company. 

The purpose of choosing great colour combinations is to create a workspace environment that is envisioned for success and prosperity. 

Well, if you are familiar with different office room colour combination, do not hesitate to take the next step and get in touch with Daftar Decor to transform your office design. We are going to set the stage for your organization’s success. 

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