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Trending ideas for stylish office reception design

Office reception design is a crucial element of office design. It plays a major role in office branding and leaving a long lasting impression on visitors. Office reception design should be modernised meeting the trends. 


When you have clients and visitors in your office, it is important to ensure a first great impression. 

Well, how are you going to do that? 

The first thing a client, employee, or customer is going to notice is your office design. Thus, your office reception design is crucial for this process. This place will welcome the clients and must have that wow factor. 

It is the face of your brand and it conveys the right message to the visitors. 

This is why it must be the highest priority when you want to design your office reception. You need to make the place interesting so that it can relate to the aspects of your brand. It will act as a catalyst for starting conversations and leaving clients spellbound with the first impression. 

Let’s focus on the most trending modern office reception area design ideas. 

Important Aspects of Office Reception Design

Office reception interior design must be a blend of professionalism, style, and functionality. This is because you want to send the right message to anyone who walks into your office. 

Let’s be honest as no one likes to be in a waiting room for long. But while they are there, you can make them as comfortable as you can. 


While arranging your creative office reception design, you need to make sure from where your guests will be taking an entry or exit. You need to design those spaces unobstructed because you do not want your visitors to be confused and lost as to where they are supposed to go. 

Moreover, you want to make sure that the foot traffic van moves freely. You must implement signs to guide your guests to the reception desk. If you have a separate exit, then it will keep everything smoother and moving in one direction. 


The colours of fixtures, walls, and furniture can have a soothing effect on the way visitors feel. You can translate your company branding and culture into your reception area by the scheme of colours you choose. 

If you are designing a reception room for a doctor’s office, then you need to make sure that you choose colours such as blue or green. For a salon, a shade of pink or light red will let your clients know that they will be pampered here. 

Office reception furniture

The most important aspect of the reception area is the reception desk. This is the focal point of your waiting area and must be easily accessible from the entrance. 

All the main furnishings must look complete in comparison to the well-rounded design. You must invest in furniture that is easy to clean and ensure longevity. 

The seating pattern of your reception design is another crucial factor when it comes to office reception design. 

Role of office reception design in branding

office reception design

Well, you only get one chance to woo someone. Having a modern small office reception design can highlight your brand in numerous ways. 

What you need to do is to implement the design elements that represent something unique for your brand. Let us see how you can do that. 

Display your logo

Your logo reveals your identity and distinguishes you from your competition. Well, why not display it in an area where the visitor footfall is the most?

If your office has an empty entrance, then you must display your business logo so that it creates a presence. 

Implement your brand colours

You can implement colours on your interior design elements such as walls and office furniture. Make sure that you do not go overboard. 

Although having neutral accents and white walls might seem like a safe choice, they do not stand for the idea you want to convey and what your organisation stands for. 

Showcase your services & products

Displaying your products and services on display in the reception exemplifies your outstanding portfolio. 

Installing an LED will help you showcase the presentation of your services and can be deemed as a marketing tool. 

Keep the design functional

It is important to make sure that after implementing everything, you do not compromise the functionality of the space. 

The choices you make must not obstruct the front desk from carrying out their work activities and cause any discomfort among the visitors. 

How to style your office reception design?

You need to make a beautiful office reception design plan, sure. But that is not enough. It must carve out your organisation’s unique character. 

To make yourself distinctive, you need to make some choices from which you can select. Let us shed light on those. 

Comfortable and welcoming

If you want your visitors to feel welcoming, you must add elements for comfort. You can skip anything pretentious and what might seem common to you. 

Give your reception design a homey vibe while still keeping things professional. It can benefit your organisation. Throw a few pillows if you think it can make the environment more comfortable. 

A homey touch will add a feeling of comfort to the place. 

Calm and zen vibe

Are you into minimalism? Well, you can implement zen-style reception areas with minimal clutter and nature-inspired materials to make the clients and visitors feel calm while waiting. 

This is a great approach for a spa or an organisation that wants to inspire focus. You can implement lush plants which is a great way to make the atmosphere peaceful and it also improves the air quality. 

For a more calming effect, you can prefer an ambient glow that can give a feeling of tranquillity. 

Luxury office reception design

Having a prestigious office reception design is great for luxury brands and businesses to wow their clients. It assures visitors that they are in for something elite. 

Nothing can brighten up a place like a beautiful arrangement of floral bouquets. They can not be as cheap as other options but that is the message that you want to send, right? 

Exciting and energetic entrance

If you want your organisation to come across as forward-thinking and hard-working, then you should design it in a way that reflects those values. 

Use bright colours or an office reception wall design that can energise the whole room. You can also use bold statements or slogans to present your company’s culture.

Creative Office reception design

Most companies benefit from a more edgier and hippy vibe. When visitors come to a place like this, they will get that cool vibe. It is great for companies that want to stand out and make people think creatively. 

This Office plan design caught the attention of visitors and left them to admire. 

Office reception designs by Daftar Décor

A well-designed office reception design serves as the first point of contact for visitors. It also sets the tone for the entire experience of your office. 

Make sure that you properly align it with your overall Office design to make it look more authentic. 

By using this knowledge, you can create a professional and welcoming space that leaves a long-lasting impression. But how? Well, we at Daftar Décor can handle it. 

Our best office reception design solutions curated with imported furniture collection can enhance your office reception and whole office into something extraordinary. Well, don’t wait - We are just a call away!

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