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How an office pantry design can help to create a cool work environment

Office Pantry design is an essential element of every corporate office which is usually not paid much attention. We are here with some unique pantry design ideas to help your employees get a cool work environment

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How an office pantry design can help to create a cool work environment

We all feel sluggish in the afternoons and find it very challenging to work. This is because we all need a break after a certain amount of time.

An office pantry is your best bet for having lunch or a break. But not just an office pantry but a well-designed one. 

The office pantry design has to offer some relaxation and comfort. When we look forward to our snack time, it isn’t just about having food but rejuvenating those who are working. 

The pantry is an area in the modern workplace that cannot be avoided. As the workplace is like a second home to the employees, every company must have an area for having basic refreshments 

This space can help employees unwind and can be an ideal setting for colleagues to catch up, discuss ideas, and form the best work relationships. 

In this blog, we will help you understand numerous office pantry design ideas and how they can alleviate your workspace. 

Office pantry design

Having an office pantry is an easy solution that encourages a positive work culture. The pace must be filled with refreshments such as beverages and snacks. It will enable collaborations and interactions to happen organically. 

It establishes a great work culture and employees stay for this reason. There is a sense of belonging in that company. Even having a small office pantry design in the workplace is a great opportunity to showcase this. 

Also, you want to take care of your employee's well-being as well. Thus, having a pantry is a win-win in all aspects. A healthier workplace is more productive and it also boosts the overall office’s productivity. 

The main thing is the pantry design so it must create a logical flow. You must create a coffee shop vibe and must have sugar, cream, and sticks always available also, make sure that you do not forget the tea lovers and provide your employees with plenty of options for an immediate brain boost. 

 Modern office pantry design ideas

Modern office pantry design

An Ideal office pantry promotes the well-being of the staff and provides an environment that relaxes you physically and mentally. 

Well, how can you accomplish this? 

There are some modern office pantry design ideas through which you can accomplish this. Let us see what are those. 

Craft a new style

Your office pantry must reflect workspace values and improve the overall employee's health. It should enable employees to store food and rest after a half day of work. Also, the design must uplift the employee's mood. 

It is also very essential to pay attention to every detail and avoid any overcrowding with the design. You can implement an eye-pleasing colour palette that can soothe your staff and transport them away from their workstation for a while. 

You must also avoid any too many bright or dark colours and strike a balance between them. The main aim is to provide your employees with a space where they can express themselves and take the load off. 

Invite the natural light

Through natural light, you can make your office pantry seem airy and open. Hang curtains that enable the light to enter the area which brightens the environment and makes them feel more relaxed. 

A brighter environment also increases productivity and thus installing large windows is unavoidable. 

Sunlight is also beneficial for health as it provides vitamin D and increases serotonin levels. Your employees will be happier while having their break time and thus enjoy being at work. 

Open balcony pantry design

You can also implement an open balcony pantry design that can do wonders for your employees. It will encourage them with a great productive break.

Many offices are incorporating this to create a sense of the outdoors while the employees stay inside the office. You can design a balcony with large glass windows that will also give you a modern aesthetic appeal. 

Upgrade the pantry layout

Before you design a layout, it is important to determine the solutions that will be appropriate for your office decor. You must come up with a cost-effective pantry layout and use that as a guide. 

Your employees are giving their one-third of the day. Thus, you must allow them to move freely and without interfering with one another. 

You can manage the seating arrangement in such a way that everyone can sit comfortably. You can also lay a few bean bags around the windows.  


If your staff stays late in the office or works overtime, then good lighting can affect their performance and mood. It is a critical component of any Office design and you must try your best to create an environment that suits your place. 

You can use incandescent lighting as it is a great option for your office pantry. This is because it emits a warm golden glow that will not strain your employees. This lighting is calming and will also prevent any migraines. 

Ambient lighting is another way to illuminate your office pantry wall design as it can create a warm ambience and draw the employee's attention to rich or antique items. 

Implement a comfortable seating plan

Many ways can enhance an employee’s comfort in the office pantry. You must consider their physical health as they are seated for approximately 8 hours a day. This will not only have a positive impact on their health but also increase their productivity. 

You can opt for a contemporary Office wall design to enhance the aesthetics. Also, every employee must have an arrangement of comfortable seating. You can also choose adjustable-height chairs for your office pantry design. 

Add healthy snacks to the pantry

Taking a break is only enjoyable if you have your favourite snack in front of you. Offer them with additional snacks or beverages. It is a great way to appreciate the hard doings of your employees. 

Also, allow them to express their preferences and encourage them to opt for healthier choices to maintain their mental and physical health. 

Almonds and walnuts have been proven to enhance cognition levels. You can also incorporate green tea as it has been shown to increase involvement in work. 

A coffee maker and a water cooler are also necessary and cannot be avoided at any cost. 

Best office Pantry design - Daftar Decor 

best office pantry

Having a great office pantry design is an important part of your office that you cannot ignore. It not only enhances your company’s productivity but also the health of your human resources. 

Trust us, it’s a win-win for your staff and your business. With a well-equipped and comfortable office pantry, you are also creating a positive environment. 

It promotes the wellness of your employees and allows them to relax, both physically and mentally. 

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