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What Are The Essential Elements of an office breakout area?

Office breakout area is an essential element of every corporate office.In this blog, we have explored how designing an office breakout area can bring positive impact and enhance the productivity of employees in a corporate setup.


As the flexible working model is gaining popularity post-pandemic, many companies are adopting modern designs to make their offices look appealing. 

Numerous ideas can modernise your office space. Is there anything popular?

Yes, there is. 

The concept of an office breakout area has taken the world by storm. Every CEO wants it incorporated into their office design. 

Why is that?

Because a breakout space brings a garden of benefits for employers and employees. The area also promotes higher productivity, efficiency, and a retention rate. 

Approximately 90 per cent of employees recommend a company that supports employee well-being. Presently, the creative office breakout area has become a thing of necessity. These places are designed that allow employees to recharge and relax from work for short periods. 

Thus, they stay motivated and refreshed at all times. This ensures job satisfaction and employee well-being. 

What Is An Office Breakout Space?

An office break out space can be defined as an area where employees can relax, recharge, and rest during their breaks while at the office. These places are designed in a manner to enable employees to take a short break away from their desks and get back on to work with a fresh mind. 

 You do not need a big space to make a breakout zone in your existing workspace design. You can utilise a small corner of your office and convert it into a breakout space. 

What you need is the installation of comfortable furniture, proper lighting, and an ambient atmosphere that promotes relaxation and comfort. 

Things To Consider while designing an office breakout area?

When you are out to design a break out space in office, well it requires successful planning and implementation. 

Everyone has a set of goals that will get you started with the office plan. Here are some Office breakout area ideas you can follow.  

  1. Make some space in the breakout area as quiet zones. Employees can use these areas to get away from the noise and calm their minds. While other areas can be used to play games, have discussions, or brainstorming sessions. 
  2. Implement an eye-catching colour scheme in the space to make it more fun and inviting. You can also create feature walls with vibrant designs to add colours to your place. 
  3. Also, provide kinds of seating arrangements in your breakout zone. You can use multipurpose chairs, couches, and sofas in the lounger area. Incorporate any office breakout area design you want. 
  4. Implement a magnificent lighting system that looks aesthetically charming and provides adequate illumination in the breakout area. Let the natural light enter the places, if possible. 
  5. Make a small library that can encourage reading, and introduce activities for breakout rooms and TV to watch the news. It allows employees to distract their minds during the break 
office breakout area

Benefits of the office breakout area

Breakout spaces enable employees to socialise with each other. These spaces are best for forming workspace relationships across different teams. Let us shed light on the overall benefits of having a breaking area in the office. 

Increase Employee Wellbeing

It is not hidden that work can cause stress. Thus, employees need a little escape from their desks. 

The office breakout area is a safe space to come and take a pause to get back to work. This will also set a positive frame of mind. 

These spaces leverage the freedom of employees to move around for a change of scenery. It reduces stress levels and enhances employee mood. 

Enhances informal team collaboration

Breakout areas enable employees to connect with their colleagues. They can share ideas, and thoughts, and build long-lasting bonds with them. 

This enhances team chemistry and communication with colleagues. This is essential for seamless team collaboration and productivity. 

Boosts employee productivity

It can be mentally exhausting for the employees to be glued to workstations. This can impact their productivity. 

The office breakout area encourages employees to take short breaks at regular intervals. This will refresh their minds and also prepare them to give their best shot when they arrive back at their desk. 

Promotes innovation and creativity

Make sure that you enable your employees to recharge and rest for some time in the day or at lunchtime. This provides them with the much-needed break their minds need. 

This trick will reduce the mental blocks and enable them to think creatively. It enables people to reflect on their work and think clearly to achieve the best results. 

A celebration space 

Breakout space is a multi-purpose place apart from just offering a space to rest and relax. You utilise this space for organizing office events, staff birthdays, workshops, awards, and so much more. 

It helps in boosting employee engagement and also builds a positive environment in the workplace. 

types of office breakout area

Revamp your office breakout area with Daftar Decor

Today, the office breakout area is an essential part of a modern corporate workspace design. Having a breakout space in your office space will help your employees take a break, relieve stress, and relax their minds. 

Well, if this post has helped you in learning about the breakout area and if you wish to know more, then our doors are open for you. 

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