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Cancellation Policy

Need to cancel your order for workspace design service? Our team at Daftar Decor would never interfere with your decision. We will help you to get the refund, based on our cancellation policy.

Know the cancellation rules

For some personal issues, our clients can think of cancelling an interior design project after paying 10% of the real project value. Our team will refund you half of that amount. You may cancel the order at any time before placing the final order of the project.

However, we do not refund you any amount, when you have paid 50% of the project value. Still, we would take the right step to solve the problem, for which you are thinking of cancelling the order. You may also ask us to help you in the desired way. We would be successful if we managed your issues.

These cancellation policies are applicable for any type of interior design project in housing, office, retail, corporate, healthcare, industrial, hospitality & recreation, and institutional centre.

Replacement or cancellation of products

Consultation on interior design- When we have chosen a product during our interior design consultation session, you can remove or replace it. You need to do it before placing the sales order.

The final order for interior design

Our team always offers you custom products for residential or commercial interior design projects in India. As we place the custom order, you cannot modify, cancel or replace the item after the placement of the final sales order. Thus, you have to make sure that you have ordered the right item for your home/office interior design.

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