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The modern conference room is no longer just a place for meetings, it's a hub for collaboration, brainstorming, and driving business growth. In this blog, we have shared a few conference room design ideas that can be utilised to transform a traditional conference into a smart one. Read the full blog to know more about it in detail.


The conference room is one of the most important spaces in a workplace. It serves as the central hub for meetings, discussions, and brainstorming sessions within an organisation. According to a report, employees at most organisations spend at least 33% of their time in meetings. This highlights the need for dedicated meeting spaces. 

In the past, traditional offices in India, particularly before the 2000s, lacked such facilities.

During that time there was no such concept of a dedicated meeting or discussion room at workplaces. Little attention was paid to the interior design of office or the facilitation of dedicated meeting spaces. But today modern workplaces have several arrangements for all these activities. They have dedicated space for meetings, discussion, or for conducting seminars or workshops.

Now, before we discuss some conference room design ideas let us first learn the importance of conference rooms at workplaces.

Importance Of Conference Rooms

Conference rooms play a significant role in modern workplaces. It is the place in the organisation where important discussions, meetings, and decisions happen.

This space is frequently used by both employees and senior management in the organisation.

Employees use this space to have formal or informal discussions. Most often this space is used by them for ordinary work-related discussions.

On the other hand, senior officials use these spaces for conducting meetings with business partners and almost all the important decisions are made in this space.

So this space is used by people to exchange ideas, resolve issues through discussions and meetings, and make important decisions for the organisation's future.

It functions as a centre for cooperation and teamwork. This is where people come together to discuss projects, set goals, and collaborate.

Conference Room Design Ideas

Here are a few modern office conference room design ideas. Using these design ideas you can significantly enhance the interiors of the conference rooms.

Use Ergonomic And Modular Furniture

The most important thing about a space such as a conference room is that it must provide comfortable seating for people.

So it is best if only ergonomic furniture is used in such places. This type of furniture is known to provide the best comfort. 

In addition to providing comfort and convenience, they also enhance the visual appeal of the space. They have better aesthetics than ordinary furniture.

In the conference room, modular furniture will provide better functionality than any other type of furniture. This is so because modular furniture is easy to modify and can be adapted to the changing needs.In the case of a large gathering, modular furniture can be joined together to accommodate more people. 

If only a handful of people attend the meeting or any other formal event in the conference room then modular furniture can be adjusted as per their requirements.

Acoustic Design For Conference Room

Conference rooms can accommodate a variety of discussions, but they are particularly well-suited for formal and high-level meetings.

These events often demand high levels of confidentiality and secrecy. To ensure this, conference rooms should be designed with acoustics in mind.

Acoustic design will give the necessary soundproofing for conducting meetings and discussions.

So with the acoustic design of the conference room, people outside will not be able to hear the discussion happening inside the space.

Another feature of acoustic design is that it will prevent outside noise from disturbing the conference room. These distracting noises can negatively affect the meetings or discussions happening inside the room.So overall having an acoustic design in the conference room is a great idea to maintain confidentiality and secrecy and to improve the quality of meetings or discussions in this space.

Colourful Walls Instead Of Dull Walls

Using only white can make the space feel monotonous. Apart from conducting formal meetings, conference rooms are also used to conduct collaborative and creative brainstorming sessions.

So if this space is being used for creative thinking then the ambience of the space must be also kept energetic and positive. This is so because a positive and energetic workspace can boost creative thinking.

Thus it is advised that vibrant and energetic colours are used in such spaces instead of just white shade. Colours have the power to influence our moods and emotions so they can help to enhance our creative thinking process.

Smart Conference Room Is The Future

Advancements in technology have made virtual meetings a common reality, unlike in the past. And the use of virtual meetings has surged globally in recent years.

Organisations must invest in building a robust tech infrastructure to facilitate such virtual meetings and ensure seamless communication and collaboration.

Good visual aids are a must for any meeting, participants can visualise and share key points much more easily in smart conference rooms.

Smart conference rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing technology and collaborative whiteboards can facilitate more interactive and collaborative meetings for all attendees.

Essential tools for a smart conference room include a laptop, projector, interactive whiteboards, webcam, microphones, and internet connectivity.

Nature In Conference Rooms

Incorporating natural elements, such as plants and flowers, can improve the ambience of the conference room.

They can fill the space with positivity and reduce the stress. They also have several health benefits. They can significantly improve the air quality inside the conference rooms.

Apart from all these benefits these natural elements also enhance the aesthetics of the space. They beautify the space and create a much more visually pleasing sight.

Some common plants that you can place inside the conference room are jasmine, spider plant, gardenia, and snake plant.

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The conference room is a hub for collaboration, brainstorming, and driving organisational success. But is your conference room space truly optimised for these vital functions?

At Daftar Decor, we believe in the power of design to empower your workplace and unlock its full potential. We specialise in crafting conference rooms that are not just functional, but also inspiring. We take the time to understand your unique needs and company culture, then translate them into a space that promotes productivity, communication, and a sense of belonging. You can refresh your work environment with a modern office interior design in Noida by Daftar Decor.

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