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Transform your workplace into a sanctuary of productivity and well-being with biophilic office design. Reap the benefits of bringing nature indoors and get inspired by practical ideas to revitalize your office space. 


There has been a disparity between the urban atmosphere and our nature.

Why? Because we are getting poles apart.

This difference has been there for quite some time. Thus, there needs to be more natural balance. 

This can be achieved through a biophilic design in the office. 

A biophilic office design introduces nature inside the office that contributes to employee well-being. It uses natural materials such as natural light, plants, and patterns to build an environment connected to the natural world.

These are more than just design principles as it has the power to boost employee well-being and psychological health.

More and more businesses are eager to have a biophilic design in their workspace as it benefits every aspect of your business such as employee retention, office design, and a positive environment. 

Although it might seem exciting to start with the modern biophilic office design, it can get daunting afterwards. 

Through this blog, we will understand how to implement the biophilic design principles into your office space. 

What is a Biophilic office design?

Biophilic office design is a concept that is derived from the theory of biophilia. According to the biophilia hypothesis, it suggests a strong human connection with the natural world. 

Originating from Greek, it means love of life or living things. In a nutshell, it is about making a connection with nature in the modern office space. 

When upgraded to a biophilic design, the office building improves cognitive function and boosts human health. It is not a surprise that businesses are investing in biophilic design concepts at an increasing rate. 

Benefits of a Biophilic design

Biophilic design ideas bring forward a variety of benefits. Let us shed light on those. 

Raise profit margins

Offices with natural daylight and greenery accumulate gigantic profit margins as compared to their competitors.

People are more invested in work and thus contribute happily. This increased effort is directly translated into the profit margins. 

Reduces Sick leaves for employees

Natural greenery lowers the occurrence of sick building syndrome (SBS). It is a disorder associated with the office environment that is caused by inadequate ventilation, poor lighting, and low humidity. 

The symptoms of such a condition include skin irritation, sleepiness, and headaches. These have a huge impact on the employee’s productivity. 

Plants help with this condition by eliminating various harmful indoor elements. 

Enhanced Employee’s productivity

As employees perform better in offices with biophilic office designs, it increases the overall productivity inside an office space. 

The workers are going to be more productive around a biophilic decor. This is because they are more focused on the environment that surrounds plants and other natural elements. 

Key Principles of Biophilic Office Design

The biophilic office design is all about the surrounding space and environment. The biophilic elements join and tie the whole office. 

With that in mind, let us have a look at the key principles of biophilic interior design. 

Environmental features

When we talk about a biophilic design, natural elements such as plants, water, and fresh air are very important. The simplest strategy for making indoors seem like an outdoor space is through the presence of plants. 

When employees have regular contact with the greenery, it has a calming and peaceful effect on the office space. It helps reduce stress, improve cognitive performance, and enhance mood, and well-being. 

Space and light

Light is a crucial element behind various psychological, chemical, and biological processes in our bodies. It controls the circadian cycle and affects energy and mood levels. 

Through a biophilic design, you can amplify the natural light inside your office space. You can also mimic the all-day changes of shadow and light during the day to regulate mental health, a sense of wellness, and mood. 

Natural shapes and forms

A biophilic design seeks to bring the natural environment indoors. The biophilic Office interior designers work through the various shapes and forms and mould them as complex and varied as they can. 

To bring this design into workspaces, use natural materials or patterns inspired by nature, like those seen in zen gardens.

How to Include Biophilic Office Design In The Workplace

biophilic office design

Well, if you have come this far, you are well aware of the benefits of biophilic design. However, having a complete biophilic design can become impractical and unrealistic. 

Let us discuss some great biophilic design ideas that can create a beautiful workspace. 

Biophilic design on a wall

Green walls are a simple way to add biophilic designs to your office space. Through these Creative office wall designs, the entire atmosphere can become impressive and catchy. 

If it seems out of budget, you can also hang planters vertically on the walls and create a similar green effect. 

One of the other cheapest ways is to use wall-mounted planters that are extremely lightweight. If you wish to create maximum impact, you can install these walls in a high-traffic area of your office. 

It will allow people to interact with nature throughout the workday. 

Invite natural light inside

Make sure to invite all the natural light that comes inside your office. For this, you can build large windows for your office. 

Eliminate the clunky curtains and blinds or any other elements that might be blocking the path of light such as huge cabinets or pieces of furniture. 

Rearrange the furniture in such a way that it does not work against the light and allow the light the flow inside more naturally. 

Utilise different textures

You can also consider different textures and shapes inside the office. You do not have to redo the whole space to leverage natural elements. 

Something as unique as reception furniture such as a desk can be designed in a wavy shape and made from different kinds of wood pieces. 

Biophilic wall art

When it comes to designing your workspace with nature and history in mind, showcasing relevant artwork is a wonderful idea. It's like telling the story of the land and its people right within your office walls.

Imagine walking into a space where the walls are celebrated with vibrant murals painted by local artists that depict scenes of the surrounding nature or important historical events. It's not just decoration but a connection to the community and the environment.

Having these pieces around can boost everyone's mood and sense of belonging. 

Improve Air Quality

Good air quality is essential for the health of the employees and the clients. Natural air flowing inside is an important part of the biophilic design. 

To improve the air quality, you can use air filters. It will open up the ventilation between indoors and outdoors. Also, make sure that you include plenty of plants inside the office. 

Incorporate water features

Apart from placing a great amount of plants indoors, try introducing water elements that also add to the biophilic design.

You can include a water fountain that can be the main point of calm and relaxation amid the hectic office atmosphere. Water is considered as an integral part of life. The sound of water flowing mimics the natural surroundings and brings a balance to a workspace. 

Reap the benefits of biophilic office design: Daftar Decor

As the world evolves towards modernisation, the need to reconnect with nature becomes more crucial. 

It should also be noted that a biophilic office design is a modern office trend that is here to stay. It benefits your focus, mental health, and productivity. The employees feel more comfortable and get the tasks done more effectively and efficiently. 

When you combine such elements in a well-designed workspace, then you will amount to 100% employee retention. 

Daftar Decor can help you create the best biophilic design. Along with that, we can help you design an environment with employee-centric features. Contact us for modern office designs. 

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